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Exercise myths debunked

There seems to constantly be new theories and methods behind exercising, and how to get the most out of it. Below are some of the more popular myths that you can finally lay to rest: You can target areas to lose fat No. Stop thinking (or maybe hoping?) that this is a thing. It’s not. … Continue reading Exercise myths debunked


Making a weight loss plan

So you’ve decided to make a change – GREAT! Before you begin, though, we recommend putting a plan together. This is useful for a few reasons: Setting goals Without goals, what are you working towards? You need to write realistic goals down, and the timeframe you will achieve them in. The key here is not … Continue reading Making a weight loss plan


The dangers of plastic surgery

Any surgery has its own dangers. Organ transplants, open heart surgery, brain surgery, and countless more are performed every day all over the world, in the hopes of prolonging and saving the life of the recipient. Compulsory procedures that will give the patient more time to spend with the ones he or she loves. Plastic … Continue reading The dangers of plastic surgery